Friday, January 17, 2014

Ice Skating

January 17, 2014 – We went ice skating with our cousins at an indoor rink with their homeschooling group.

Kyden (our cousin in the yellow/black sock hat) is up

And he’s down…
…and he’s up…
This lady happens to be an old schoolmate of my Mom.
It was good to see you again!

Wow, you really CAN’T tell when I’m having a good time – can you?

At least you can tell that Jamin was having a great time!
Benjamin doing some forward crossovers

Learning how to skate backwards

He’s up…

…and he’s down.

Yeah, well, despite the lack of any outward expression…
I love to ice skate, and had a great time.

It was also great to go back to our cousins home and play a very competitive game of Monopoly!