Monday, April 13, 2009

We Had A Good Trip!

I just wanted to let everyone know that we had a good and safe trip to Cinncinati! I'll be adding some of the pictures I took during my photography class/workshop at the Creation Museum. This weekend has been really hectic-we're not even unpacked yet! The day after arriving home, we participated in's 36-Hour Film Contest. I'll be placing the video we made on this blog sometime soon.
Until then,
J. Andrew Wong

History Has Been Made

I recently finished listening to "History Has Been Made," an audio-cd album on the truly historic happenings at this year's San Antonio Indpendent Christian Film Festival. There are so many great teachers in this 14 CD-set including some of our favorites like R.C. Sproul Jr., Dr. Voddie Baucham, Kevin Swanson and last but CERTAINLY not least, the SAICFF President & Founder, Doug Phillips. There are also teachings from famous christian film stars like Stephen Kendrick, Kirk Cameron and even Dean Jones. It's amazing how much diversity there was in one album! You can listen to the traditional hymns & historical ballads by Charlie Zahmn, re-enacted scripture by George Sarris and even the songs from the "The Sound of Music" from the Von Trapp Children. Relive the exciting events of the film festival and the Jubilee Award Ceremony where Doug Phillips announces the festival winner and gives aways America's largest film festival grand prize of $101,000. Order History Has Been Made: Moments & Messages from the 2009 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival at the

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Next Stop: Dinosaurs, Flowers & Tipis!

For my 15th birthday this year we're going to the Creation Museum in Cinnicinatti! We went last August for Noah's birthday and we're excited to be going back.
At the museum they're offering a workshop on photography by the staff photographers and I'll be a part of it! I'm looking forward to taking some great pictures in the beautiful garden at the museum.

During our 3-night stay we'll be camping out. In fact, on the first night we plan on staying in an authentic tipi.

Trampoline Tricks

This is a short, fun, zany video of all three of us doing some sort of flip on the trampoline. This is how we like to spend a free afternoon together! Right now, Noah is trying to master the back hand spring both while on and off of the trampoline. You can also view this video on HomeschoolViewTube.

Fishing @ West City Lake

Last Thursday we went fishing at a nearby park. Here are a few pictures:

Some great photography by my Mom.

Lydia-a little wind-blown :)

A Beautiful Lake (See the red barn in the shadow)

(I love big red barns with white trim. Wish you could really see it here.)

Not exactly a big meal, but still a nice stringer full.

Benjamin also tried fishing in a creek that runs through the park.

Not really any success here though. :(