Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shooting-9mm, .22 and a Rope!

Shooting-9mm .22's and a Rope from J. Andrew Wong on Vimeo.

Yesterday Benjamin and I did some target practice with a couple of our guns.
We fired the 9mm caliber carbine first. The pistol grip and fore grip made the gun really easy to swing side-to-side, so we lined a few glass bottles up and fired at them.
Then we tied a short rope over a branch and then tried hitting it using a .22 bolt action with a 5x scope. It was a little bit tricky to shoot when the rope would start moving, but after a few shots Benjamin finally shot it. Benjamin found that his scope wasn't completely zero-ed in and found that the gun was shooting to the right. After adjusting the scope, he hit the rope on the next shot. I took a turn next and hit the rope 3 times in a row before we ran out of ammunition.
We were trying to split the rope in two, but .22 bullets are so little that they would just pass right through the rope.
The video above isn't anything too fancy, but you can see a little bit of shooting that we did. I had forgotten to add this clip to the video:

We tried shooting a box a little bit, but that was too easy...

-J. Andrew Wong

Monday, June 28, 2010

Havin' Fun in the Sun

Grand...Father's Day

Andrew, Grandpa, Benjamin and Noah
Father's Day 2010


About 3 weeks ago I got my driving permit finally and I have probably driven about 15 times since then. My Mom's just been taking it real slow with me, so at first she let me get used to the handling of the car. So far I've mainly been driving on some back-roads around our neighborhood that have little to no traffic, but I'm hoping to try out a highway sometime this week.

According to Missouri law you can't get your full liscense until you've had your permit for at least 6 months and have 30 hours of driving time plus 10 hours in the dark. I'll be able to get my liscense in early December, so I think that by then I will be quite confident on the road.

Battle Swords in Action

Battle Swords in Action from Douglas Phillips on Vimeo.

The four points it takes to become a "Valiant Swordsman" and how to use them.

Take a look at this great video about the Battle Swords available from the Vision Forum. Can you figure out who is narrating the video?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

200th Post!

This is the 200th post on the Gallantry Training Center blog, and we are happy to announce that we have moved the blog to a new web address. Instead of typing the .blogspot domain you can just type in:
Here are a few blog statistics that we have tracked since we started this website over 3 years ago:
  • 815 Site Visitors

  • 2,057 Page Views

  • Approx. 600 Photos

  • 44 Videos

  • Blog Startup Date: March 29, 2007

We hope you've enjoyed looking into the live of our family a little bit and we hope that you will come back soon!

Starting today you can visit us by going to:

2010 CHEF Conference

We just returned from the 2010 Missouri CHEF (Christian Home Educators Fellowship) Conference. This year's speakers were absolutely fantastic and included Dr. Paul Jehle, Kevin Swanson, Bill Potter, Ken Ham and Dr. Marshall Foster.

The topics presented at the conference were so broad that it would be very limiting to call this event a just a typical "Homeschool" Conference. This year's speakers taught on Creation/Evolution, Church History, Military History, Homeschooling and Family Discipleship, Culture-Changing, Economics, Mentoring, God's Providence, Constitutional Law, Mathematics in relation to the Trinity, Interposition and College Solutions. The hard part about a conference with this caliber of speakers is deciding which lectures you'll have to miss and which ones you will attend. Obviously we had to buy a CDs for all of them!
Some of the speakers that we particularly enjoyed (because they are a blast to watch in person) were Kevin Swanson and Dr. Paul Jehle. Dr. Jehle taught some great lectures about America's founding, her founding charters, the coalition between the jurisdictions of government and interposition as described in the Constitution.
It is always great to visit with friends that you don't get to see too often, but it was also fun to "hang out" with a family from our church, the Baileys who also attended the conference.
Despite this fantastic panel of speakers we were a little bit disappointed with the amount of people that attended. The conference is very affordable in comparison with similar conferences, yet there weren't nearly enough attendees. We hope that more people will attend this conference when they come to realization that this conference is about much more than just homeschooling, so that even if their children are grown or if they don't even have any children they will still come and learn to from some of the nation's best teachers.

Thus far next year's speakers include: Doug Phillips, Dr. Voddie Bachuam, Bill Potter and Herb Titus and to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the War Between the States the 2011 conference will be Civil War-themed. Hope to see you there! For more information you can visit:

Turkey Hunting (and Fishing) at the Farm

On May 3-6 Benjamin and I (Andrew) got the opportunity to go turkey hunting at Kate's Grandparent's 90-acre farm. Our good friend, David Inyart, also got to join us. Kate's Dad (we call him "Grandpa Dave") is currently staying at the farm while it is being prepared to go on the market.
David came home with us from church Sunday night and he drove us down to "The Farm" later that night. After getting settled in and introducing David to Dave we went to bed.
We all didn't sleep too well, but we were all pretty excited when we got up at 5am, grabbed some granola bars and then marched out into the dew-soaked fields under the light of the moon.
On Monday we set the blind on the edge of the field and called the turkeys in. However, we only saw one turkey and it didn't have a visible beard. It passed right in front of us, so we had to suffer the agony of watching our prey walk out of sight.
Unfortunately, this was the only turkey that we ever saw although during the next two days we heard gobbles from a nearby turkey time and time again. However, even though we didn't bag a bird we still had a lot of fun during the rest of the day.
We had to legally stop hunting at noon, so after eating lunch we would work with Grandpa Dave on the farm. I had a good time learning to drive the tractor and operate the front loader and I also got to drive Grandpa Dave's truck through some of the fields.
Some of the birds were making nests inside some of the out barns, so we decided to take up bird-shooting. Our shoot/hit ratio was pretty miserable, but after a few hours we steadily improved. I filmed a lot of footage while they were shooting and I hope to make a video about it sometime in the future.
After the birds started to become wise and flew off we waited for them to come back by fishing in the pond. Benjamin caught some nice-sized bass that easily could've made a meal if we had kept them.
So as you've probably realized by now...even though we didn't get to bring a turkey home we still had a great time spending time with both "Davids" and enjoyed spending time in the "Great Outdoors" at the Farm.

Photo Captions:
From Monday to Wednesday we woke up at 5am to walk to our turkey blind before the sun came up.
The three of us all had to put on "makeup" while we were inside of the blind. The turkeys could've spotted us because of the contrast of our light faces against the darkness of the blind.
We had to legally stop turkey hunting at noon, but we never ran out of things to do at the farm.
We used the tractor to wiggle out an old fence post.
In the afternoon and evening we spent our time working and playing around at the farm, but we also had a great time FISHING! At the farm's pond we fished for bass, bluegill and sunfish. Benjamin caught a lot of nice-sized bass.
Noah and Mom came down later in the evenings to bring dinner. Noah had a good time playing around with the bluegill and sunfish.

May 6th-Dad's Birthday

Ben, Noah, Dad, Andrew, Grandpa

Friday, June 11, 2010

Baseball Game-Marlins vs Cardinals

Squirrel Hunting

Benjamin and Noah have been hunting for squirrels in the farm fields that surround our house.
We gave the squirrel meat to a nearby friend and he cooked it up. Our Mom won't let us cook rodents in her kitchen. :)

You may notice that this squirrel looks different than the other squirrels. This is because this is a fox squirrel and not a gray squirrel.

This is the first squirrel that Noah's kileld and he was pretty happy about it!