Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Silver Dollar City

April 9-10, 2015- On the last two days of our trip down to Branson, we visited Silver Dollar City!
It'd been something like 3-5 years since I'd visited the park, and it'd also been awhile since most of the Haguewoods had been, so it was fun to rediscover it together.

On the shuttle from parking lot

We weren't in the park for long, before these troublemaking, malcontent, lollygaggers were put in stocks by the Silver Dollar City sheriff.
We still had a great day without them.

Time for a ride on the Flooded Mine

I'm not going to say who got the most points by shooting the targets...
...because that would be bragging.

Taking a turn on the Electro-Spin in the Grand Exposition

I was just waiting for that mug of water to slip off the ship and into my face.
I almost said "Thank goodness for centrifugal force," but to be accurate,  I really should be thanking inertia.

I actually got sick on this ride - even though I sat in the middle!
It must be my age...
Well, a little time on stable terra firma and a bite to eat soon set me right.

Time for Gideon to ride his first roller coaster...

...and look at his reaction!  He wanted to do it again!

Time for some of the bigger roller coasters and the...

....Giant Barn Swing.  This thing is terrifying.

Outlaw Run is the newest roller coaster at Silver Dollar City 

 It goes 68 miles per hour which makes it the second-fastest wooden roller coaster in the world. 
It also features the second steepest drop of a wooden roller coaster at 81° beyond horizontal.
It's also the only wooden roller coaster in the world with multiple inversions.


Wildfire's beautiful view of Table Rock Lake and the Ozarks

I asked Ben to get in the seat and to look scared.
Well done!

These guys wanted to ride it a second time!

Though it look like Jay is having second thoughts!

A picture of abject terror.  

Whether from aquaphobia or acrophobia, I'm not sure. 

Well, since we were already wet, it was time to hit the water cannons on the River Blast:

The faces of concentration are so hilarious:

Well, and since we were really wet after that ride, it was time to hit the Lost River:

Can I just say that I am so glad that I had the forethought to take carefully stow away my socks before we rode this?

This was my final wave before I got absolutely soaked!

Ready for some major cuteness? 

That hat.



Inside of this store, we watched a potter make a flower pot before our eyes.
It turned into a bit of a theological discussion when Kate asked the potter, "Why he was making it into this?"  The full purport of the question was totally lost on the potter, but I loved his Ephesians 2 retort:
"Well, first, clay doesn't talk.
Secondly, the clay wouldn't want to be anything other than clay."


Enjoying the mind-bending physics of "Grandfather's Mansion"

And I'll end this post by giving a farewell hug!