ANDREW WONG - I’m the first born and have been the author of this blog since 2008. Ever since I learned to read, I’ve been a ferocious autodidact and have enjoyed learning about about history, theology, culture, politics and worldview. However, I also love having fun and learning new things like scuba diving, dancing, playing the guitar, and, most recently, getting my black belt in martial arts.
When I’m not holed up in my room, you’ll probably find me with friends on the dance floor, or sitting around a meal talking theology, or skating on an ice rink, or having a late-night discussion in a parking lot.

BENJAMIN WONG - Benjamin’s love of animals and the outdoors and his talents in observation and memory were evident at a young age. He grew up hunting and fishing, but he's now focused on honing his skills through tactical shooting and security training. He is also a black belt in mixed martial arts, and helps to teach as in instructor. He’s a hard worker and is always willing to lend a hand or an ear to anyone lucky enough to call him a friend.

NOAH WONG - Growing up as the youngest, Noah used his energetic personality to keep up with Ben and I. From learning to ride his bike without training wheels (3 years old), to jumping off high dives, to riding dirt bikes, he doesn’t let fear or injury stop him. Noah’s always loved working with his hands and has a knack for building things and solving problems. He’s worked as an apprentice with a rough carpenter and continues to gain experience in construction.

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Nice Bios, and Awesome Pics!! :)