Saturday, October 30, 2010

Riding in a '27 Roadster

Our neighbor just finished building his '27 Ford Roaster and he gave Noah and I up and down the street.
Oh, and before you lose all confidence in my Mom for letting us go joy riding, Mr. Kausch has been trained on handling powerful cars and has driven 250mph on a race track.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Are Reps & Dems Constitutional?

Just the Facts, Ma'am!

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts or evidence. “   John Adams
You may be old enough to recognize the famous line always used by Sgt. Joe Friday in the radio and TV drama,  Dragnet, used to title this introduction.  While Sgt. Friday may not have expressed himself as eloquently as John Adams, the sentiment is the same.  Sgt. Friday didn’t want hype, drama and hysterics to get in the way of the facts and evidence needed to solve the crime.  Adams and Friday were both right.  Facts are necessary to reach accurate conclusions.
So, I set out to research the facts that might inform, instruct and provide truth in the midst of campaign madness, hysteria, and accusations that normally accompany any election cycle. Since we are a constitutional republic (a fact) and all elected representatives swear an oath to support, protect and defend the United States Constitution, my research was focused toward that end.
I used the Freedom Index published by The New American magazine, which documents the voting records of Congress according to constitutional standards and policies in keeping with the ideas of individual liberty, as my primary resource. Using this Index, I have compiled the voting records of Missouri’s U.S. Representatives in Congress from 2003 – 2010.
While Democrat legislators are notorious for trashing the Constitution, the GOP claims to be more conservative and supportive of the Constitution. The records certainly bear out both claims, but there is a glaring inconsistency that needs to be examined in the Republican record.
According to the New American’s Freedom Index, a quarterly publication which examines the voting records of Congress according to constitutional standards, when the Republicans controlled the White House and Congress during the 108th and 109th Congresses, the Missouri GOP legislators averaged a constitutional vote only 47% of the time during the 108th Congress and 39% during the 109th.
The report goes on to show an improvement for the Republicans when the Democrats are in charge.  During the 110th Congress, (with a GOP president and Democratic Congress) the GOP representatives raised their average to 56%. The figures from the 111th Congress register a substantial increase to 82%.  This begs the question - why was there a difference of 43 percentage points between the 109th and 111th Congress?  Which figures truly represent the Republican Party’s philosophy of government? 
While one can wonder about the answer to the questions raised, facts are still facts. And the fact is that the report reveals  that neither party is committed to returning our nation to constitutionally-limited government, no matter which party is in control.
The Constitution Party is totally committed to restoring government that secures the individual’s right to life, liberty and property. We believe that nothing less than a return to constitutionally-limited government can correct and maintain the proper role of government once practiced in this nation.
Please study the following report, and then cast your vote with confidence backed by facts - not fear and emotions.

Missouri’s Freedom Index
A report on the voting records of Missouri’s Congressmen
Compiled by: Cindy Redburn, State Secretary
Constitution Party of Missouri

What Is the Freedom Index?*
A Congressional Scorecard based on the U.S. Constitution rates Congressmen on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements. The scores are derived by dividing a Congressman’s constitutional votes (pluses) by the total number he cast (pluses and minuses) and multiplying by 100.
The following information on Missouri’s United States Congressmen was taken from the Freedom Index Reports for the 108th, 109th, 110th and 111th Congresses.
111th Congress
Democrat-controlled Senate, House and President
House of Representatives
Akin - 86%
Graves - 86% 
Blunt - 83%
Emerson - 73%                                                                       
Clay - 8%
Carnahan - 0%
Skelton – 18%
Cleaver - 10%
Bond - 63%
McCaskill - 18%
110th Congress 2007 - 2008
Republican President and Democrat-controlled Congress
House of Representatives
Akin - 74%
Graves - 58%
Blunt - 56%
Emerson - 38%           
Hulshoff - 53%
Clay - 18%
Carnahan - 20%                                                                                 
Skelton - 10%
Cleaver - 15%
Bond - 41%
McCaskill - 20%
109th Congress 2005 - 2006
Republican-controlled Senate, House and President
House of Representatives
Akin - 43%
Graves - 46%
Blunt - 33%
Emerson - 34%           
Hulshoff - 41%
Clay - 49%
Carnahan - 33%                                                                                 
Skelton - 35%
Cleaver - 34%
Bond - 49%
Talent - 48%                                       
108th Congress 2003 - 2004
Republican-controlled Senate, House and President
House of Representatives
Akin - 64%
Graves - 47%
Blunt - 38%
Emerson - 39%           
Hulshoff - 45%
Clay - 33%
Gebhardt - 36%                                                                                 
Skelton - 43%
McCarthy - 31%                                                        
Bond - 53%
Talent - 53%            

How constitutional is your representative or senator?
Time period covered 2003 – 2010

Akin – 66%                                                                
Graves - 59%                                                             
Blunt - 53%
Emerson – 44%
Luetkemeyer/Hulsholf – 56%
Bond – 51%
Talent – 51%
Clay – 27%
Carnahan/Gebhart – 22%
Skelton – 27%
Cleaver/McCarthy – 22%
McCaskill – 19%

A Closer Look at the 109th Congress

The average House score for the 109th session was 48 percent: the Senate was 53 percent.  In Missouri, the averages were even lower (see report on the 109th Congress above), Republicans came in at 39 percent, while the Democrats scored only one point behind at 38 percent: a dismal and disappointing record for both parties.
What was the nature of the legislation that led so many congressmen to ignore their oath of office to vote in accordance with the Constitution?
On the international scene, two free trade agreements, CAFTA and the Oman Free Trade Agreement, along with legislation introduced by Ron Paul to withdraw from the World Trade, and two bills regarding reforms and decreasing funding for the UN.
Republicans in Missouri totally supported both free trade agreements and rejected the withdrawal from the WTO. Blunt was the only Missourian to oppose the decrease in funding to the UN.
On the home front, Republicans supported all Labor-HHS-Education and Agriculture Appropriation bills and all voted to reauthorize the Patriot Act.
Ron Paul introduced an amendment to defund the National Animal Identification , which was rejected by all Republicans in Missouri.
*The Freedom Index is published quarterly by the New American Magazine. All information in this report may be verified at www.jbs.orgunder the Action tab; then choose downloads.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Battle in the Barn

Our latest outdoor-activity (or in other words, our latest fad) has been playing around with air soft guns. The guns shoot little plastic bbs and they shoot somewhere between 175-600 feet per second (fps).

IMG_0078_compressAir soft games are similar to paintball, but it is much less expensive to play, there is not paint and you don’t have to refill cO2.

We tried some outdoor fights like capture the flag, but we wanted to try a game that would have a lot of cover. Benjamin totally changed our shed (we’ve affectionately called it the “Barn”) and we added some cardboard boxes that we had. Notice: Our barn usually looks nothing like it is in the movie Smile, we just tried to get the most cover possible.

The video above is our first attempt at filming a battle, but I personally think it is very dull. The next day we had two cameras filming; one on the inside and one on the outside. It’s pretty fun to watch the fight from both angles because you can see each team’s movement.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Farm Photos-Oct 17

After church we stopped by a park to get a few photos:IMG_5662


The River


Path along the river


We came back to the house, changed clothes, grabbed some food and then headed down to Kate’ Grandparent’s farm…also know as…”The Farm.” Winking smile

IMG_5743 IMG_5746


You can see the moon in this photo


This photo will be hanging in Noah’s cowboy-style bedroom.




There’s an old railroad bridge on the property that crosses the creek.



As you can see in this picture from the inside of the bridge-it is very large!


Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last week we mailed our absentee ballots!


“Throwing our votes away” ;)

IMG_0104 IMG_0105 IMG_0108 IMG_0109


This is just a nice photo I took in Webster Groves when we celebrated with some ice cream:


Monday, October 18, 2010

Moving Furniture


Last Friday night we had a couple of neighbors over to have a campfire. We had some chili and roasted hot dogs over the fire-and of course had one of my favorite treats, S'mores.
Pictures were taken with my Mom's phone and it doesn't have a flash to use in low lighting.

Benjamin and Aaron


Aaron, Clayton & Noah

Aaron & Clayton (Brothers)

Clayton & Noah

Friday, October 15, 2010

Renovations: Trailer Rails

The rails on our trailer were rotten and we actually had one corner bungy-tied together. We knew we'd need to haul stuff for the next few weeks, so we build new rails for the trailer.

Noah and I cut the boards at the correct lengths

Mom using the recriprocating saw to notch the rails so they could fit in to the trailer frame
Noah spray paints the frame

We've used our trailer for many, many years and it has been a great help in a variety of jobs. We used it the next day to move furniture (above.)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Renovations: New Doorway & Microwave

To prep for the new doorway Mr. LaMotte had to cut the frame for the ceiling tile.

Doorway studded out

Staining the new door

We also wanted to install our over-the-stove microwave that's been in storage for a couple years. We ripped off the 80's hood range and Noah had to cut off the pipe for the vent.

We're going to put a decorative board that matches the cabinets over the frame.