Friday, July 17, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies-3 Weeks Ago!

For the record:
I’m pretty tired hearing about Michael Jackson’s death.
It just shows that the attention span of the public is longer than I had thought.

Anyone else have the same thoughts?

Fun with Cousins

This week we’ve been watching our cousins almost everyday. We’ve had some fun. Their names are Paige, Eli and Brianne. On Monday we made a movie, “The Gold Shipment.” One of the many things that my brothers and I do when children come over is to attach a cart onto a back of a riding lawn mower and let the kids hop in. Usually we throw them some “Fool’s Gold” and tell them to get it past the bandits that attack them while they’re riding.
On Tuesday we went to West City Park and had some fun fishing.
On Thursday we went to our aunt’s house and went swimming.

Reformation 500 Videos

Well it's going to take me awhile to post about the Reformation 500-we learned and did so much!
However, I'd like to share these videos with you so you can get a taste of the conference by watching the videos below:

Becoming Charles Darwin from Douglas Phillips on Vimeo.

To watch more great videos from the Reformation 500 check out Doug Phillips & Vision Forum on Vimeo.

Lydia Looks for Kate

This is one of my favorite pictures now. Lydia can be pretty cute! If you say “Kate” she immediately runs for the front door and looks for the car in the driveway.
Here are a couple more I took the day before we left for Boston:

Sight Seeing in Plymouth June 28

We attended “Paul Jehle’s” church, “The New Testament Church” that morning, but we had the rest of the day to sight see. We started driving through Cape Cod, but we didn’t go all the way to the tip. We ate lunch at Sam Diego’s. The motto for their restaurant in Plymouth was “South of the Border, A Block from the Rock” (Plymouth Rock).
After stopping at Trader Joe’s and getting some popcorn we turned the rental car back to Plymouth. We enjoyed the bright houses in Plymouth.
Benjamin went fishing in the harbor, but didn’t catch anything. I had wanted to do a GTC Outdoors FIELD CAM episode, but we didn’t have time.
We had to get to bed fairly early (for us) because we had to be in the hotel lobby in the morning to begin the faith & freedom tour.

Flying to Boston June 27

Our grandma drove us to the airport and also took care of the house/dogs while we were gone. We made it through security (even though the entire time Kate kept on whispering that it was communistic), but we nearly had a heart attack when my Mom left the boarding passes on a table during the security fiasco. However, we got them back and headed towards our gate to fly to Detroit.
It’s always been my experience that the staff at the St. Louis Airport (Lambert International) are grumby, forbidding and downright crabby. We were watching as some TWA crew just stood around “looking official” with their plastic gloves, uniforms with numerous patches and medals and their stern official-looking faces. It’s pretty odd.
Anyway, we made it to Detroit and from Detroit to Boston although this flight was delayed due to some fog.
We picked up a rental car in Boston and checked in at our hotel in Plymouth that night.

CHEF Conference June 23-24

We attended the Christian Home Educator Fellowship (CHEF) Conference and had a great time. Some of my favorite speakers were Doug Phillips and Dr. Voddie Baucham.
Benjamin and I also manned the Constitution Party of Missouri table in the vendor hall. We actually had a fun time watching people’s reactions to a third party!

We had the opportunity to meet Nick & Chad Burns from Pendragon: Sword of His Father.
The conference was held at the St. Charles convention center and attached to the convention center is a beautiful Embassy Suites hotel where we stayed during the conference.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Attention: Everyone we met at the Reformation 500

To everyone we met at the Reformation 500:
It was great to meet you in Boston and we'd like to stay in touch!
You can email us at
-Andrew Wong
(The tallest of the brothers.)

We're Back From Boston!

We made back home last Monday after having a great time in Boston & Plymouth. I'll post an extremely short tale from the past week.
Saturday, June 27, 2009-We got on a plane in the afternoon and flew to Detroit and from Detroit to Boston. We picked up a rental car in Boston and drove down to Plymouth and got settled in at the hotel.
Sunday, June 28-We attended "Paul Jehle's" church called the "New Testament Church." After the special patriotic service we hopped in the car and attempted to drive to Provincetown in Cape Cod, but we didn't quite make it. Instead, we did some sightseeing and ate some Dunkin' Donuts (in some places in Boston you can count multiple Dunkin' Donuts from the corner of a block.)
Monday, June 29-We met in the lobby of the hotel for a two-day Faith Freedom Tour. We toured a host of lankmarks including: Plymouth Rock, The Jenney Grist Mill (one of my favorites), and the Forefather's Monument.
Tuesday, June 30-Toured Mayflower II and Plimoth Plantation. At the plantation we played a volleyball-like game called "Stool-Ball."
Wednesday July 1-Packed up and drove to and through Boston and checked in at Boston Park Plaza.
Thursday, July 2-Saturday, July 4-Saw many things and heard so many things I'll write about them later. :)
Sunday, July 5-Had a Sunday service with Mr. Scott Brown and finally got to rest.
Monday, July 6-Boarded a plane in the morning and arrived in St. Louis in the afternoon.